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Why Travel insurance is important for all

Why Travel insurance is important for all

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Insuring your trip in the case of unforeseen events is one of the best ways to help make sure it isn’t ruined by expensive emergency bills or sudden expenses.
Travel insurance can offer cover for a range of unforeseen events including medical emergencies, flight cancellations, emergency accommodation and vehicle accidents.



Our MD Cheryll Shaw at a recent workshop on Travel insurance. We strive continuously to add to the already diverse range of products we offer to our customers

Medical coverage

This is perhaps the single most important reason to purchase travel insurance before travelling. If you fall ill or have an accident whilst you are abroad, medical fees could set you back large sums of money. It is important to be aware of the fact that while you purchase your policy in local currency, any medical expenses you may incur would be paid in foreign currencies, and this could lead to financial ruin if you are travelling to a country with a stronger currency. For example, in the UK, just a routine visit to the GP may cost you between 150GBP and 200GBP The average cost for a broken arm in the United States is £25,000 Unless you have that kind of money lying around, it’s better to take the safe route and purchase a travel insurance product that can cover you whilst you travel.

Trip cancellation and curtailment cover

Imagine that you are abroad and you find out that a close family member is critically ill or has died back home.. What do you do? Paying for early flights back can be prohibitively expensive, meaning you may struggle to return in a timely fashion. Most travel insurers offer the ability for you to return home in this situation, meaning you can head abroad knowing you’ll be able to return home as quickly as possible should something happen back home.

One of the most frequent reasons for cancellation of flights is the refusal or timeous approval of the Visa required to enter the country you are travelling to. Travel insurance will compensate you for the cancelled flights, enabling you to travel when your Visa is approved

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