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Travel Insurance to cover for your possessions

Travel Insurance to cover for your possessions

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Travel insurance to cover for your possessions

The most common reason for insurance claims is the loss, theft or damage of personal possessions. It can be a really upsetting experience if you are targeted whilst abroad, but with travel insurance, at least you can be sure you will be able to at least recoup the value of the items that have been taken or damaged.

Cover For Your Baggage

There is nothing more inconvenient than reaching your travel destination and finding out that your baggage has been delayed, or even worse, lost. Travel insurance covers you for such eventualities, meaning you have the ability to head out and buy new items in your new destination, allowing you to

I don’t need travel insurance. .I have insurance as I booked with my credit card”

This is one of the most incorrect perceptions with regards to travel insurance If you purchase your full airfare on your credit card, most banks provide some complimentary cover. This is restricted mainly to limited medical cover.

You will need to check exactly what you are covered for and then consider boosting your cover to ensure you have adequate cover for medical expenses as well as cover for the reimbursement of cancellation costs and lost luggage. There are several top up options available on the market.

Don’t be another statistic – ensure you purchase travel insurance before you travel abroad, whether for business or leisure for complete peace of mind

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